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Historic Organ Listing
BIOS is responsible for the listing of historic organs (the Historic Organ Listing Scheme). Often used as a measure of grant-worthiness.

Historic Organs at Risk Register
The Historic Organs at Risk Register records instruments that are currently at risk to their survival or historic integrity.

National Pipe Organ Register
BIOS operates the National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR) in conjunction with the Royal College of Organists. The NPOR aims to list details of every organ in the country. An essential research tool. The National Pipe Organ Register is free of charge to users but costs money to provide. Please make a Donation -  CLICK HERE

The British Organ Archive
The British Organ Archive (BOA) contains information about organs and organ builders.It includes original order books and drawings as well as contemporary journals and publications and the Andrew Freeman photographic record. The BOA is now housed in the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham.

Historic Organ Sound Archive
A potentially massive project, the Historic Organ Sound Archive (HOSA) is presently focussed largely on instruments in East Anglia. To see an introductory video CLICK HERE

Directory of Organbuilders
The Freeman-Edmonds Directory of British Organbuilders covers both firms and individuals prior to 1950. A link is provided to listings of accredited present-day British organbuilders.

Organ Registrations for 18th-century Voluntaries
Detailed Charts by Calvert Johnson relating to the relevant article in the BIOS Journal, volume 36

Pipe Markings
Research papers on historic pipe markings by David C.Wickens



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