The British Organ Archive


  Hope-Jones Electric Organ Co.
       Stop-tablet drawing c. 1895

The British Organ Archive (BOA) contains information about organs and organ builders. It was established at the University of Keele in 1974 by the late Dr Michael Sayer, moving to Birmingham Central Library in 1986. The British Organ Archive is now housed in the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham

Primary Sources

Original manuscript and typescript documents, including Estimate books, Order books, Account books, Ledgers, Shop books and Drawings.

Organbuilders covered include: Bevington, Blackett & Howden, Percy Daniel, Elliot & Hill (1829) Forster & Andrews, Gray & Davison, Harrison & Harrison, Hill & Son, Hill Norman & Beard, Hope Jones, Jardine, Lewis, Norman & Beard, Wadsworth, Willis and Yates. Records may not include all dates of activity.

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Secondary Sources

Published documents including Journals and Periodicals and cuttings from them, reports by official bodies and theses and dissertations.

These include: Sperling notebooks, the Leffler manuscript, the Harvey notebooks, the Haycraft notebook, a wide variety of pamphlets, The Organ magazine, the Rotunda magazine and theses by Jim Berrow and Joseph McKee.

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Photographic Records

Including over 700 glass plate photographs by the late Andrew Freeman. These have been scanned and digitised (with the help of the Freeman family). For more details,

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Significant Publications