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BIOS Journal

BIOS Journal is an annual scholarly publication, the current issue supplied free to BIOS members but also available for purchase by non-members. The BIOS Journal contains articles about organs and organ music, running from 160-220 pages. To see a contents list of the current issue - CLICK HERE

To purchase a copy of the current issue - CLICK HERE                                   Back issues are available from No 1 (published in 1977) onwards. For full details and to purchase a copy if required  - CLICK HERE.

The BIOS Journal is published by Positif Press, 130 Southfield Road, Oxford OX4 1PA.

A full alphabetic index to Volumes 1-15 is available directly from the publisher, Positif Press.
For a full alphabetic index to Volumes 16-25  CLICK HERE

For an alphabetic location index to Volumes 26-30  CLICK HERE


Andrew Freeman: In Search of Organs

Hardback 308 pages 234 full-page photographs of important and historic organ cases, including some destroyed 1939-1945. Contributions by Nicholas Thistlethwaite, Christopher Kent, James Berrow, Andrew Hayden and Katharine Pardee. Edited by Katharine Pardee. 

List price 40 pounds    BIOS website price 35 pounds. CLICK HERE to buy.



The Leffler Manuscript

A unique collection of stop-lists compiled around 1800 and attributed to Henry Leffler. The last few copies of the facsimile hardback edition are reduced to 25 pounds plus postage - CLICK HERE.

The interesting background to the Leffler manuscript is described in an article by Jose Hopkins in BIOS Journal 37.                      To purchase a copy  - CLICK HERE

BIOS Reporter

A quarterly newsletter, free to BIOS members, containing news of BIOS activities, newly-awarded Historic Organ Certificates and short articles and research notes. Not available for general sale.


For additional publications CLICK HERE


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