Joining BIOS


        St John, Lound, Suffolk
   1913 case by Sir Ninian Comper
         (photo: Andrew Hayden)


BIOS is a society made by and responsible to its members. The organ and its music - the largest of all solo repertoires - continually attract much interest, technical skill and intelligent musicianship, so the Society looks forward to a growing membership, and would welcome you.

If you appreciate a unique society combining historical, musical and technical interests; if you play the organ and work on enlarging your repertory; if you visit instruments or need to learn more about particular kinds of organ, as a builder, restorer, adviser, curator, or saviour of a threatened instrument; if you would benefit from exchange with established scholars; if you have suggestions for, or wish to contribute to publications or conferences, then BIOS is not only for you but would welcome your contribution to what many an ancient writer called the "Instrument of Instruments".

BIOS has over 600 members, mostly in Britain, but a number in European countries, the USA, Canada, the Far East and Australasia. The Council and membership include advisers, archivists, authors, enthusiasts, historians, organ-builders, scholars, teachers and performers. Membership is open to anyone who supports the Society's Aims.

The subscription year is calendar, with subscriptions due on 1st January. The current annual subscription rates (to be paid in sterling) for individual members with UK postal addresses are Ordinary Members £37.00, Senior Citizens £32.00 and bona fide UK based Students £12.00. For Joint Membership (two people living at the same UK postal address), the basic individual subscription is payable plus £10 for the second person (but only single copies of publications are despatched).

For delivery outside the UK, rates are £47 and £42. If making electronic funds transfers, please ensure the transfer charge is pre-paid.


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