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Barber Institute of Fine Arts

University of Birmingham

Bernard Edmonds Research Conference

Barber Institute of Fine Arts

University of Birmingham 

Saturday 17 February 2018 


  • The Revd John Gibson - Gothic Revivalist  Philip Wells
  • Harrison organs in Trinidad & Tobago - and the Gamba Oboe  Owen Woods
  • Barrel organs in the early 19th century parish church - Maggie Kilbey
  • '1300-1660: Filling-in the Gap' - a new book by Martin Renshaw
  • The late 17th century Canterbury Cathedral organ  Joan Jeffery
  • A Square Piano with a big secret - Lawrence Talbot
  •  'The most Compleatest Instrument in Europe' - Dominic Gwynn
  • Wagner and the Organ  Adrian Mumford 

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