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The British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS) exists to encourage and promote the study of the pipe organ, its history and design, and to increase appreciation and understanding of its music by both organists and the general public. The society serves effectively as the amenity society for the British organ and lobbies Government, Historic England and other national bodies on behalf of the instrument.

The Aims of BIOS

To promote objective, scholarly research into the history of the organ and its music in all its aspects, and, in particular, into the organ and its music in Britain.

To conserve the sources and materials for the history of the organ in Britain, and to make them accessible to scholars.

To work for the preservation, and where necessary, the faithful restoration of historic organs in Britain.

To encourage an exchange of scholarship with similar bodies and individuals abroad, and to promote, in Britain, a greater appreciation of historical overseas schools of organ-building.

The Origins of BIOS

The proposal to create an organisation dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of the historic British organ arose from discussions between Nicholas Thistlethwaite, Nicholas Plumley and the late Michael Sayer in 1975. The following year others joined them, and a group of around thirty attended the inaugural conference and meeting in Queens' College, Cambridge in July 1976.

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